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Continues work on the double portrait throughout January and February. For the rest of the year he concentrates on a series of etchings, Illustrations for Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm. In the summer Hockney and Schlesinger holiday in the south of France with Patrick Procktor, eventually joining Celia Birtwell and Ossie Clark, Kasmin, and Geldzahler at Le Nid du Duc. In September Hockney, Schlesinger and Clark go to the spa town of Vichy, where Hockney takes photographs and makes drawings for Le Parc des Sources, Vichy. He is the best man at the wedding of Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell and begins preparatory drawings for Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy.

Ossie Clark and Peter Schlesinger
at Le Parc des Sources, Vichy, September 1969

Hockney’s first retrospective, David Hockney: Paintings, Prints and Drawings 1960–1970, opens at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London. Throughout the year Hockney makes various trips to Europe and visits New York and Los Angeles. He paints Le Parc des Sources, Vichy, a portrait of Peter Schlesinger and Ossie Clark with surrealist overtones, which deals with illusionistic space. Begins Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, the painting that comes closest to naturalism according to Hockney. Commissioned to paint a portrait of Sir David Webster for the Royal Opera House, London. Dissatisfied with the distortion created by a wide-angle lens, Hockney makes his first ‘joiner’ – a pasted assemblage of photographs.
Mr and Mrs Ossie Clark, Linden

Mr and Mrs Ossie Clark, Linden Gardens, London, 1970

David and Derek

Sur la Terrasse, 1971


Completes Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy after spending one year working on it. The painting is shown at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Travels to Morocco with Peter Schlesinger and Celia Birtwell and on his return paints Sur la Terrasse, a portrait of Schlesinger seen from behind on the terrace in Marrakesh. Travels to New York, where he meets Robert Mapplethorpe, and to Los Angeles, where he meets Arthur Lambert and Larry Stanton. The filmmaker Jack Hazan asks to make a documentary about Hockney and films him periodically over the next three years. In June takes his parents to the Lake District for a holiday, producing separate drawings of them there. Later in the summer
he travels to Carennac with Peter Schlesinger, Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell, Mo McDermott, Maurice Payne, George Lawson and Wayne Sleep. Makes drawings there including Celia Smoking, Carennac and Celia, Carennac. Hockney’s relationship with Peter Schlesinger ends. Hockney finds solace in his work, completing seven paintings in two months, including Pool and Steps, Le Nid du Duc, Still life on a Glass Table and Beach Umbrella, many of which deal with absence. In the autumn begins a two-month trip with Mark Lancaster, taking in Hawaii, Japan and South East Asia.



Works on Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), which shows Schlesinger at the edge of the pool and John St Clair swimming underwater. The painting is shown at the André Emmerich Gallery in New York and Hockney attends the opening with Mo McDermott. He draws Geldzahler in his apartment, (Henry, Seventh Avenue). Back in London, Hockney begins the unfinished double portrait of George Lawson and Wayne Sleep. In July he visits Baden-Baden, Nice and Calvi, in Corsica, with Geldzahler and Nicky Rea and produces many sketches on his travels.

domestic scene

David Hockney working at Powis Terrace, 1972

domestic scene

Peter Schlesinger, London, 1972, 1972

Works in California, producing lithographs for the Gemini workshop. Picasso dies and Hockney produces a series of works inspired by the artist including the self-portrait prints The Student – Homage to Picasso and Artist and Model. During the summer Hockney and Geldzahler rent a villa near Lucca, and travel around northern Italy. Many friends visit them there, including Mo McDermott, and Hockney produces a series of drawings of Geldzahler and McDermott. In the autumn he moves to Paris where he produces highly worked academic drawings of friends including Celia Birtwell. He also experiments with new printing techniques and produces The Weather Series, lithographs influenced by the stylization of weather in Japanese art.

Dr Eugene Lamb, 1973

The Student – Homage to Picasso, 1973

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